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This Peninsula has been center stage for centuries!

IF you are seeking a unique holiday, brimming with adventure and experience,
IF you are searching for IndoChina and want to delve a little deeper into the people, culture and fun -- then our series of eBooks are the perfect tools for discovery at your own pace and following your personal interests.


Bangkok FreeStyle; overview
(4.50 minutes


Bangkok FreeStyle: Few cities in the world are as exotic and complex as Bangkok and this unique book encourages the reader to journey at their own pace, delving into their personal interests. A refreshing guide using the iBook/eReader capacities and the Internet persuading the visitor to look at this metropolis from an alternative viewpoint. More than 160 beautiful photos.

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Frontier Towns on the Mekong;
take a peek
(3.40 minutes)


Frontier Towns on the Mekong:  Use this quirky Frontier Town/ Nakhon Phanom as a base for adventure, discovery, pilgrimage and chill-out.  The most spectacular river-caves in the world are across the Mekong in Laos; relics of the Buddha are enshrined in many of the Khmer-style temples throughout the region; the Rua-Fai-Festival to honour the Naga-spirit - unique and unforgettable days await you in this Frontier Town.

Frontier Towns on the Mekong download 20 pages (free) and / or purchased at:

Also available at the following eBook Stores: Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony, Ingram & Kobo
Download formats:
• ePub: for iPad, Nook, most eBook readers
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Thriving ~ Lifestyles with Love; (3.15 minutes)


Thriving – LifeStyles with Love!
A collection of short stories for inspiration.
A different way to get a glimpse into the every-day life in Thailand - a travelogue…

"Wonderful little Pepper-Uppers."
Each saga is shaped as a photo-essay and most need only a few minutes to read.

These are a few of the people that have left particularly large impressions. Knowing them has provided inspiration, energy and verve; perhaps through this book, others will also benefit.

Each novella shines a light on some events that stands out over the years. This is not an endeavor to bestow the title of "angel" upon anyone; rather it offers a look into everyday life. Thriving – LifeStyles with Love includes people living in meager situations as well as University Professors, techies, owners of family enterprises, and many more. It is their generosity of spirit, which cuts across all social levels and professions (also contributing much to a better life and society) that makes them so special.

This picture video (3 minutes) offers a quick peek into the IndoChina series of eBooks about Thailand and the delightful-Thai. Click on picture

eBook It have published Thriving and it can be purchased here:

Also available at the following eBookStores: Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony, Ingram & Kobo

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Nakhon ChaiSi River Life
(4.20 minutes)

  Nakhon ChaiSi & the River
Learn to Live to Learn!

This eBook might be looked upon as a series of signposts guiding visitors (to learn) and it will guide different people toward different discoveries.

IF you want culture, this is a wonderland; for example, the Phra Pathom Chedi is the tallest Buddhist monument in the world & Phuttha Monthon is home to the International Buddhist Association.

Those that want to broaden their understanding around the subject of sustainable living will find organic farms, renewable energy and committed communities.

Nature, food, culture and the local people ~ together they form an authentic network open to new technologies with the goal of remaining sustainable.

Exploration can be combined with fitness for those that want to feel the water and green grass under their feet, or view it from their two-wheeler.

Healthy food and a relaxing environment on the Nakhon ChaiSi River can be turned into the same benefits as most spas offer.
More about Nakhon ChaiSi & the River can be found on this page ~ click.


My Eclectic Art ~ my Teacher; a few pages (3.40 minutes)


My Eclectic Art looks at the art that has come together in my home:

  • It delves into the history of the pieces
  • looks at our changing world
  • follows pioneers in the digital evolution & sustainable development
  • shares concerns of the artists
  • It questions ~
    Where are We Now?”

My Eclectic Art ~ my Teachers takes us on a trip in a different way!

More about my Eclectic Art can be found on this page ~ click


The River crossing ~ PhraPraDaeng to Bangkok (2.30 minutes)



PhraPraDaeng - Bangkok's Green Lung
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) refer to PhraPraDaeng as:
- the Green Lung of Bangkok.
The locals in Bang Krachao call their home:
- the Pig's stomach.
The shape of the Island resembles both of the above – and yet neither of the two idioms capture the essence of this mangrove located in the center of Bangkok!

This is an Island (approx 75 sq. kilometers) that formed naturally in the Chao Phraya River, it is NOT a man-made natural park, maintained for entertainment purposes.  Most of the inhabitants living on Phra PraDaeeng come from many generations of families farming the land; coconuts remain an important source of revenue.

Take a peek, most likely you too will agree - Phra PraDaeng, Bangkok’s Green Lung is a unique natural wonderland that should not be compromised.   

MoonRiver/Breakfast at Tiffany’s helps to convey the spirit of PhraPraDaeng and a special river crossing.

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iMovie / videos about each book (3 minutes each)

Bangkok FreeStyle   Frontier Towns on the Mekong
Thriving – LifeStyles with Love    

Quick peek into the series    


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