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Myanmar -- EcoTourism at it’s Best!

For centuries Burma has been a country shrouded in myths and mist, and even today difficult to separate fact from fiction.

The years from 1988 to 2011 (when the name was changed to Myanmar) are those which the contemporary world learned about -- however, that segment has also come to an end, and finally the doors on the road to Burma/Myanmar are opening.

It is a rare occasion when an entire nation has an opportunity to leap-frog into our present world, and, of course, the path can be difficult for many. Tourism is one of the most important sectors that can help Myanmar move forward. Educated travelers know that their visit can change the lives of many people – and most people want to make sure that the money that they spend goes tocommunities that use it wisely.

Fortunately, since 2012, Myanmar has been working with renowned leaders on subjects of Community Involvement in Tourism. They are working with the local people so that revenue from tourism contributes to a better life for everyone.The rural communities are also learning how to reply to the needs of the “connectedvisitors”.

If you want to experience Burma (and yet you will arrive in Myanmar) it would be wise to have some additional information.Myanmar --EcoTourism at it’s Best!provides the intrepid traveler with essential information so that you can explore Burma, as well as enjoy modern Myanmar-- and know that you also contributing to a stable future for the people.
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