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The delightful Nakhon ChaiSi & the River
the legendary Golden Land ~ and a Renaissance!

In the midst of the Nakhon ChaiSi river valley is Nakhon Pathom ~ one of the oldest settlements in Thailand.
It was founded several centuries before the Christian era, as a seaport for the mythical kingdom of Suwannaphum (Golden-Land).  Throughout this long history Nakhon Pathom grew around the Phra Pathom Chedi, the world’s tallest Buddhist monument. 

In recent years, many parts of this community have leap-frogged into the 21st century promoting sustainable living. 
Many of the farmers are certified “organic”;  recycling, renewable energy ~ finding sustainable ways
to work with nature is the cornerstone for most efforts.

NakhonChaiSi& the River is an eBook that provides you with “sign-posts”
~ you can choose the direction that meets your interests.


Wonderful World on the Nakhon ChaiSi
(4.20 minutes)

This region provides all that is needed to assure that your “quality-time” is used in the best and most rewarding ways.

You can have it all in the Nakhon ChaiSi river valley ~ floating markets; eco-home-stay-lodging; meandering bicycle-paths; work on eco-farms; lazy-boats on a peaceful river; magical light-shows presented by the fire-flies; healthy food and wonderful lodging for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

Click on the picture of the Nakhon ChaiSi River (on the left) for a brief introduction to this Wonderful World on the banks of the Nakhon ChaiSi River (4.20 minutes)


Boat Cruise   (4.44 minutes)

Do you remember ~ “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”!
Well, you can relive that with a boat-cruise on the Nakhon ChaiSi River.
Bangkokians flock to the Traditional Thai-food markets along the banks of the Nakhon ChaiSi ~ first they purchase fantastically healthy (& delicious) Thai specialities, then they install themselves on a River-cruise boat and RELAX!   Along with soaking up a healthy environment, they also picnic on their traditional Thai-food.

Take a peek into one of those boat-cruises ~ this one sailed from the Don Wai Traditional-Thai Food Market.  Our Captain, Khun Somsak, made it a special occasion for a group of friends from around the world.  Click on pic Boat Cruise & enjoy the fun!


My Neighbor's Pomelo Farm (3.18 minutes)
  Fortunately, care for their environment remains a top-priority for most of those living along the Nakhon ChaiSi.  Some regions have given the farmers of fruits & vegetables top-priority in their community-planning.  You can get a glimpse into a small pomelo-farm through the video “My Neighbor’s Pomelo Farm”

Pomelos are related to grapefruits, only larger, sweeter and more delicious!



If you are interested in sustainable living in action ~ the Nakhon ChaiSi has many examples: Amphawa, is an entire village brought back to economic life through care and healthy use of it’s natural resources.  A home leaving no carbon-footprints (i.e. all energy is renewable). Organic farming has provided communities with immeasurable benefits ~ their health has improved, they are thriving economically, and they have created a better future for their children.



The Sampran Riverside team has been active in promoting sustainable living in their community.

Sampran BLISS Festival 2015 (4.20 minutes)


Sampran ~ Bliss Festival at 2015
On 18, 19 & 20 December 2015,
Sampran Riverside held their festival celebrating the Organic Farmers in the community. This year they engaged their visitors with many thought-provoking exhibitions about the numerous steps needed to move their organic produce to the office-workers in the city. For this to remain sustainable, everyone must open their minds to ecological forms of packaging, transport, etc.. On 12 December the Paris Agreement was signed; a breakthrough accord that will for the first time unite rich and poor nations in combating climate change. President Obama said: "This agreement represents the best chance we have to save the one planet that we've got."


Sampran BLISS Festival 2016 (4.40 minutes)
  Sampran ~ Bliss Festival 2016
16, 17 & 18 December 2016
This year was the third-edition of the Bliss Festival and each year it grows in importance and character. Carbon footprint (a scientific measurement used to calculate/indicate the amount of the earth's energy used by a person (or activity) was a subject of importance. …and the message became even clearer when visitors had to use their own energy to pedal for water on the rice-paddie or make their own smoothie.
The central stage was a Forum (throughout each day) that welcomed renowned environmentalist that "walk their talk" ~ they live sustainable (sufficiency-economy) lives; and they are finding much peace and happiness through this lifestyle!

Click on the pic of the children & the rice paddy for a youTube video review of the Bliss Festival 2016

Sampran BLISS Festival 2017 (4.20 minutes)

Sampran ~ BLISS Festival 2017
16, 17 & 18 December 2017
This year the focus was on incorporating healthy lifestyle into daily activities. Sustainable Living is NOT difficult ~ know-how is helpful!
The participation of TEATA (Thai EcoTourism and Adventure Travel) is a good example of the integration of healthy lifestyle ~ theTEATA vision:
To create a dynamic network that promotes sustainable tourism practices in Thailand and ASEAN countries through collaboration and partnership among all sectors both locally and globally.

Our complex world and busy lifestyle make it essential that integration of good habits are easy to maintain on a daily basis.

The book page Thriving ~ LifeStyles with Love provides more
information about Sampran Riverside and the activities at the Bliss
Festivals over the years.


Khun Kiep ~ Organic Farmer youtube video
(12 minutes)


This community of organic farmers has been so successful that the government uses them as a model to promote organic farming throughout Thailand. They are referred to as the Sampran Model. This video tells you more, click on pic of Kiep (the first organic farmer)

This video tells you more, click on pic of Kiep (the first organic farmer); youTube video 12 minutes.





The Dalai Lama said:
It is not difficult to forgive destruction in the past which resulted from ignorance.  Today, however, we have access to more information, and it is essential that we re-examine ethically what we have inherited, what we are responsible for, and what we will pass on to coming generations.


Wonderful World (3.30 minutes)
  My neighbours across the small khong/canal raise pomelo, bananas and coconuts in their orchard. This khong/canal is very close to the Nakhon ChaiSi River and they have a system of canals running through their orchard. However, the water-level must be watched closely and at times dirt needs to be added to the barrage protecting their land. This couple do not have a television and rarely venture further than where their boat can take them. They are intelligent and open-minded ~ and live in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. These two iMovies show some of their activities.

Wonderful World  follows them, as they pass my home, going to market with the coconuts.

Waltzing on the Water  watches the water-level ~ this is the first-priority in the lives of these farmers, and it is in constant movement. Furthermore, the water-level in this khong/canal is dependant on many factors:

  • the moon
  • the tide in the sea
  • the dams upriver
  • the water-doors on the khlongs
  • local authorities
  • the rainfall, etc. .

This video shows the movement of the water, the water-level can be followed by watching the wall of the barrage (opposite side of khlong).  As the water-level goes up, the farmer needs to transport dirt to build some parts of his barrage even higher.  His fruit trees would die IF the water inside of his orchard were as high as it is in the khlong. 
Once again, this hard work is accomplished with great courage, dignity and respect for nature.

I look upon these films as inspirational!


Waltzing on the Water (6.40 minutes)


Neighbor dog
  The small khlong/canal that passes my home is full of life!  This shows the activities unfolding ~ in Harmony with Nature!



Everyone holds a moral responsibility to act in accordance with their abilities.
An illustration of this might be the delight in observing the local community work with a University.  The goal is to develop products that will require the use of the invasive water-hyacinth.  This will then provide revenue for local people through collection, processing and sales ~ additionally, the river will be able to maintain a healthy balance for all that lives within.
It is also healthy to participate in situations that are Win-Win for everyone.


No More Honey!  (2.50 minutes)

The nature in this video is so lush and beautiful that it is difficult to imagine that all is NOT well.   No More Honey reminds us that the use of pesticides & chemicals are destroying many parts of our environment.  The international companies promoting their use, do not inform farmers (& public) about how they destroy the environment ~ they are also the source of many chronic diseases.
The Sampran Model (mentioned above) has proven effective in reaching out and helping local farmers move towards Organic Farming. On the Sampran Organic farm large beehives hanging from the trees are usually visible – the Bee Hive in the pic is about 1 meter (3 feet) in diameter! Click on it to watch ~ no more Honey!


Indeed,  the legendary Golden Land
is living a Renaissance ~
through sustainable living concepts!


Learn to Live to Learn ~
about how to keep our world sustainable!
The Nakhon ChaiSi River (also called Tha Chin) runs parallel to the
Chao Phraya River that flows through Bangkok,
there are between 60 & 80 kilometres distance between the two Rivers.

Nakhon ChaiSi & the River will be available in eBook format in late 2018
I am still working on the book!!!

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