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Bangkok FreeStyle:

A refreshing guide using the iBook/tablet capacities and the Internet persuading the visitor to look at this metropolis from an alternative viewpoint.

With the freedom to wander, the reader will discover traditional lifestyles, unconventional (yet formidable) transportation systems; life in the streets and retreats behind the temple facades. Along with a peek into world famous luxury hotels on the Chao Phraya River, there are also ample suggestions for enjoying long-tail boats and the lore of the lifestyle along the River and the khlongs.

Bangkok FreeStyle gives you the opportunity to observe the paradoxes, to learn about ancient Siam and to enjoy this modern megalopolis.
Over 160 beautiful pictures -- and each pic is worth a thousand more words.
The perfect companion to discover Bangkok -- on your own terms!

Bangkok FreeStyle - here are a dozen good reasons….

Bangkok FreeStyle can be purchased at (or 20 pages downloaded for free): https://www.ebookit.com/books/0000002736/Bangkok-FreeStyle.html

Also available at the following eBookStores: 
Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Sony, Ingram & Kobo

Amazon provides 20 pages “Sample” to read online.

“This book changes my thoughts about Bangkok.”  Marlis, Switzerland

“We come here for weekends of fun, with Bangkok FreeStyle we feel like Bangkok is our home.”  Wang, Singapore

“The fabulous photos make it even more enjoyable.”  Lois, USA

“I have downloaded your book already - it's very awesome!”  Suchart, Bangkok

“The detailed info about public transportation (with maps), has saved me the price of the book many times over each day.”  Daphne, Australia

The videos are streamed from our youTube-channel. After the video is finished, you can go directly to the listing of ALL iMovies/youTube relating to IndoChinaPeninsula:
 Left side of page, below the video screen, click on: Sheba Suphannahong

iMovie/videos of days to remember in Bangkok

Naturally Bangkok
Verdant Nature & Vibrant City

Baby Elephant Walk
a stroll in the mangrove (2.80 minutes)

Les petitséléphants de Chiang Rai (2.30 minutes)

PDF download, elephants de Chiang Rai (18 mega)

Naturally Bangkok
Bangkok never ceases to amaze me.
Verdant nature and vibrant Bangkok seem to meld into one.
Recently I went into the city (20 minutes from my home in the mangrove), and when walking through Central Embassy, I was suddenly engulfed with dancing children. 
Fortuantely, I had my iPhone in hand…
Later, when preparing the video for the school, and including some visuals of this new building, it became clear that the architecture resembled an elegant Cobra snake. Once again astonishment at the ways that nature and the city intermingle in all aspects of  life.

Naturally Bangkok (youTube) provides a brief glance at this special day of discovery.
Happy  (Pharrell Williams) encompasses the spirit of the children and this megalopolis.

Baby Elephant Walk
Bangkok is an amazing city in the tropics.
It never ceases to surprise visitors (as well as locals), the most unusual and unique things seem to pop-up everywhere.

For example, this video was filmed in a mangrove, which is very near to the centre of the city.   Information about this mangrove-island can be found in chapter 11 (PhraPraDaeng) of Bangkok FreeStyle.

Care for the environment is the golden-thread running through the series of eBooks from IndoChinaPeninsula.  Public awareness about protection of the environment is the first stepping-stone, most people wish to contribute to a healthier environment, however, are not aware of how they can help - better legislation is proving to be crucial.

Tucked into the pages of our books, one can always find information about established organizations that are making huge efforts to help our planet - most places can be visited and most visitors leave feeling energized and inspired.

In 2015 the French Embassy in Bangkok sponsored an initiative to have 60 artists in Chiang Rai (Thailand) paint their version of a better world on fiber-glass-figurines of baby-elephants.  This exhibition was in Bangkok and you can find a youTube video of the painted figurines (2.30 minutes) if you click on the picture of the painted elephant.

IF you wish to have more information about elephants in Thailand, the artists in Chiang Rai, organizations dedicated to elephants, and time to study the pictures, a PDF file (18 mega) can be downloaded by clicking on the CITES logo.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
was one of the first United Nations agencies and each year it is strengthened by the “Parties” (countries) that are members.  Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

It is through CITES that the international ban on the sale of ivory has taken hold.  The agreement to stop ivory-trade was agreed upon among member states (parties) and therefore, all countries are obliged to follow the laws which were put place.

CITES legislation is becoming more effective each year, INTERPOL also works with CITES to find and prosecute those that trade in illegal commodities.

It is illegal to cross borders with products made from wild fauna and flora, IF they are on the CITES Appendix / list.  Organizations that engage in sustainable-farming of products on the CITES Appendix / list have registered certificates to prove that the product they are selling has been “farmed” in an authorized / controlled environment.

There are numerous sanctuaries for elephants in Thailand. Most are non-profit organizations/foundations and donations are welcome.  Many also receive visitors, spending a few days working with the elephants is a unique way to make the most of quality-time.  More about elephants in Thailand can be found on the book-page; Thriving - LifeStyles with Love




A peek into some unique corners of Bangkok
iMovie / videos of days to remember in Bangkok

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