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Phra PraDaeng
Bangkok's Green Lung


Bang Krachao is a beautiful mangrove, it is located on the Island of PhraPraDaeng in the midst of Bangkok. This unique mangrove in the Chao Phraya River has escaped development.  Most people say that they want it to remain as it is.  This would be wonderful, however,  “change is constant” and with a city of 15 million people surrounding the Island - change is inevitable.

The environment on PhraPraDaeng is precious and the island is unique - for those reasons I hope that development will move towards eco-friendly projects.  The purpose of this book is to serve as one of the many stepping-stones towards working with the local community; helping to promote change that is beneficial for the environment and the habitants - flora & animal kingdoms included!

IF change is coordinated with forethought – new directions can be found to gently shift the local community into maintaining their environment in a way that also provides economic stability. 

The locals need to learn how to accommodate visitors that appreciate and want to be close to the environment.

Example; today many locals wear face-masks because the “neighbors are burning” /creating poisonous smoke.  This is one example of ancient practices (especially to show dominance) - education would help to change such misdeeds.  The majority of the locals would welcome community workshops, led by professional environmentalists, showing them how move towards creating eco-friendly destination for visitors, as well as how to keep their environment healthy.

An eBook about Bang Krachao (Phra PraDaeng – Bangkok’s Green Lung) will be available soon.
The first goals are to create awareness and to bring together a team of environmentalists that would help the locals maintain a vibrant environment and show them how to work with environmentally-aware people
The next set of goals would be to set an example that can be followed in other communities.

In the meantime, these youTube videos were all made from my home in Bang Krachao and near the Chao Phraya River crossing near my home.  This is just one step (of many that are needed) to shift the attitudes (& mindsets) towards a holistic approach to maintaining this environment.

The videos are streamed from our youTube-channel. After the video is finished, you can go directly to the listing of ALL iMovies/youTube relating to IndoChinaPeninsula:
 Left side of page, below the video screen, click on: Sheba Suphannahong

Moon River /Breakfast at Tiffany's – helps to convey the spirit of this special river crossing. (2.30 minutes)

The northern part of the Island depends on boats for access to the Bangkok side of the river.  The team that provide these services between:
Kam Nam Kao pier / Bang Krachao
WatKhlongToiNok / Bangkok side
always brighten up any day.
Few of them have ventured farther than the shores of the Chao Phraya River, however, their kindness, and hard-work is heart-warming.  Click on the picture for a short video about them. Thriving- LifeStyles with Love features KhunNaut on the cover - and the boat-drivers saga is a part of the book.


Raining coconuts
(3.30 minutes)

Many of the farm families have coconut trees on their land. 
Have you ever thought about how coconuts are harvested?  
Well, under a coconut tree can be a dangerous place to give consideration to the subject!

Click on pic to watch how the coconuts are harvested.


Peeking out the windows at dawn!
(3.40 minutes)

Inside the mangrove there are no roads and people use small walkways – needless to add, this contributes to a unique environment.
The activities that I see from my home are amazing.
In this youTube clip I have brought together a few of my favourite actors.


Baby Elephant Walk
a stroll in the mangrove (2.80 minutes)

The walkways on pillars winding through the verdant mangrove/jungle are the only way for the local people to access the Chao Phraya river - which creates a peninsula around them.  Fortunately there are few people that live in the mangrove and nature is vibrant.  This video takes you on an adventurous tour on the walkway; keep in mind that this mangrove/swamp is full of monitor lizards, snakes and all that thrives in a tropical jungle. Bert Kaempfert’s rendition of Baby Elephant Walk makes it even more exotic and fun.


Baby Birds
(2.30 minutes)

Baby Birds
Bang KraChao is an amazing mangrove with vibrant life everywhere.  There is also the megalopolis (Bangkok) surrounding Bang KraChao!  Through this finch/bird that made a nest in the cactus plants ~ we are reminded about the vulnerability of  nature within this city.  Unfortunately, there are still many people that believe that hunting and killing will prove their worth.
The Buddha said ~One is not called noble who harms living beings. By NOT harming living beings one is called noble.
Click on the picture for the story.


Naturally Bangkok
Verdant Nature & Vibrant City

The luxurious nature on Phra PraDaeng is unique - when considering that vibrant Bangkok is just across the river.
Recently I went into the city (20 minutes from my home in the mangrove), and when walking through Central Embassy, I was suddenly engulfed with dancing children.
Fortuantely, I had my iPhone in hand…
Later, when preparing the video for the school, and including some visuals of this new building, it became clear that the architecture resembled an elegant Cobra snake.  Once again – astonishment at the ways that nature and the city intermingle in all aspects of  life.

Naturally Bangkok (youTube) provides a brief glance at this special day of discovery.
Happy (Pharrell Williams) encompasses the spirit of the children and this megalopolis.


From our home ~
wishes for the New Year
(2.30 minutes)
  From our home ~ wishes for the New Year
I love this time of year (for many reasons) especially because I use it as an excuse to tell, and show friends, how much I really care about them.
With the enthusiastic participation of my Fur-Family, I have made this small youTube video (click on picture) to show you activities around our home.My way to ~
Wish you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness.
May it be your best ever!

PhraPraDaeng the TreeHouse & a Bicycle ride
(2 minutes)

Other parts of the island have “developed” somewhat and have become a popular destination or biking-professionals.  Here is a video of one biker making her first attempt to navigate the walkway.


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