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Learning from life-experience always has been the thought behind the books at IndoChinaPeninsula. 

My Eclectic Art ~ my Teachers takes us on a trip in a different way.
Looking at the big-picture, understanding more about that which has come to us ~ and asking the questions “Why”?   Many have found this a good way to open more doors towards more questions about the purpose of life.



My Eclectic Art looks at the art that has come together in my home:

  • It delves into the history of the pieces
  • Looks at our changing world
  • Follows pioneers in the digital evolution & sustainable development
  • Shares concerns of the artists
  • And it questions ~

 Where are We Now?




As is obvious from this Link-page” ~ my Eclectic Art is made for exploration.  This page guides the reader towards exploration on a wide variety of subjects.

Everything in Eclectic Art is hyper-linked, therefore, entering any search-word will suggest pages containing that word.




This introduction provides a good overview of the book. There are seven files (chapters) in my Eclectic Art, holding together 133 PDF pages.
The index lists 175 items from my Eclectic Art collection. This information has been sorted by; File number & Object description, making it easier to have an overview of the book.

However, my Eclectic Art ~ my Teacher is meant for browsing and giving
thought to our changing world ~ "This collection is also a reminder of an
epoch when we took the time to contemplate the many things that come to each of us ~ and WHY?"



These pics provide a peek into a few pages ~ they also showing the vast array of subjects and a few of the many paths for exploration:

  • The Silk Road
  • Link 1776
  • Word Economic Forum
  • Beijing 1992
  • Calligraphy in Venice
  • Chinese Dynasties
  • European artists, and more…

A peek into My Eclectic Art (6 minutes)
Click on pic

Albert Einstein said:

'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!’

…and as we keep moving, our saga grows. Everyone and everything has a story, this might help you discover yours.

Gratitude ~ This short iMovie takes a quick trip through my Eclectic Art (click on picture).

My Eclectic Art is an eBook and can be purchased in all major eBooks stores:
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Download formats:

  • ePub: for iPad, Nook, most eBook readers
  • Mobi: for Kindle format
  • PDF: for reading on Mac / PC

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